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Connecting to a VTN

This section describes some more in depth information on connecting to VTNs.

Plaid connections

Plaid will automatically make a VTN connection once the configuration is updated properly. The two key parts of that are the certificates and the VTN configuration requirements, such as VTN URL.

As described above, VTN <> VEN connections are one to many. So, if you plan to connect with 5 VTNs, you will need 5 VENs. You may connect multiple VENs to a VTN if you wish to and it makes sense in the circumstance, but you cannot connect one VEN to multiple VTNs.

VTN Certificates

OpenADR requires connections to use TLS 1.2 with client side certificates. Both the client (the VEN, Plaid in this case) and the server (VTN) must have a certificate. Certificates are generated by a certificate authority (CA). The OpenADR alliance has selected Kyrio as the certificate provider.

For more on the certificates and how to get them, review the certificate page

Connecting to a VTN

VTNs typically do not allow VENs to automatically register blindly so there there is usually a manual, out of band step in connecting a VTN to a VEN. This usually requires exchanging some way of identifying the VEN to the VTN.

The VTN operator or provider will provide a connection guide that guides the VEN operator through the process. For the Canvas Cloud test VEN, follow the process shown in the quickstart guide.

Relevant fields for connecting to a specific VTN are in the oadr section of the configuring plaid page.

With your certificates generated and added to the folder and config file, and the relevant fields updated, build and run NOVA, and it will connect and register with the VTN.

Example VTN connections

We have gone through the process of connecting Plaid with different industry VTNs so we can document the processes and understand what our customers would need to know. We are continuously adding to this list. So far we have connected to two California Utilities - SCE and PG&E - who are both using the Honeywell DRAS VTN.