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User Guide

This user guide contains the full reference for Plaid's capabilities, configuration options and functions.

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Plaid Operation

Plaid is executed from the command line and has two required parameters: a path to a json formatted schema file (which describes the config), and the path to a config file, like this:

./nova <path/to/schema.json> <path/to/config.json>

To get started, use the build guides

The documentation has in depth detail on each of the most important user interfaces (as described in the conceptual guide):

In addition, there are a few specific guides for important aspects of your implementation:

After you have successfully built the software, refer to the contents to learn more about specific functionality. We recommend users read through the entire documentation to ensure comfort with all of the features and functionality.

View Connecting to a VTN for more details on getting certificates and connecting to live VTNs.